christen peters


christen peters

8 days in beautiful Bali.
We started in Seminyak, made our way to Ubud, and ended in Sanur.

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A stunning little island with the most gorgeous views. We stopped at Angel Billabong, Atuh Beach Cliff and Broken Beach. All so breathtaking and unforgettable. But be warned - the boat ride over can be choppy and the roads on the island are so bumpy. So if you get seasick or carsick, pack some extra meds!


We also loved:

Avocado Factory
Monsieur Spoon
Deus Cafe
Crate Cafe
Batu Bolong Beach

Square one
kopi kiosk coffee hut
The nest spa

Uluwatu temple
Tegenungan waterfall
Mount batur



We all had the best time in Bali. The people, weather, culture, food and atmosphere stole our hearts. We found the sweetest driver, Nathan, who took us around a couple days and showed us all his favourite spots. We stayed in AirBnb's along the way - all of which were spectacular. The Balinese really know how to show hospitality and make you feel welcome. My favourite villa was in Ubud, where we had our own private pool and had breakfast made for us each morning. 

A few tips for packing / getting around / general good things to know:

-Hand sanitizer. I can't tell you how many times I used this during our stay. You never know when there might not be a sink available!
-Medicine. Immodium, electrolytes, Tylenol, probiotics, dramamine (if you plan a boat ride). It's difficult to find certain medicine in Bali, so it's best to just be prepared.
-Waterless WISP toothbrushes. We were told to avoid brushing our teeth with the water, so these guys came in handy.
-A book. Those lazy afternoons by the pool need something besides Instagram.
-Sunscreen & bug spray. These can be a bit pricey to buy there, so it's best to pack beforehand. 
-BAGGUS. These little reusable bags became our go-to for anything from toiletries to wet swimsuits to shopping bags.
-Portable charger for your phone. This came in handy on our long day trips around the island.

-Hire motorbikes if you're brave enough! I suggest driving in Ubud, Canggu or Sanur instead of Seminyak - Seminyak gets crazy traffic, so avoid that on a motorbike! Oh, and wear a helmet. A lot of people don't, but there are no major hospitals to speak of, so please be safe. (I sound like such a mom, I know....)
-Download WhatsApp. Most of our drivers used this to communicate, so it's super handy to have in advance. 
-Use Grab, Go-Jek or Bluebird cabs. Grab is comparable to Uber (although not as reliable), Go-Jek can be used for hiring a moto-taxi, and Bluebird is the best cab service since they actually use meters. There are taxis drivers everywhere, but it's best to haggle with them instead of saying "yes" to their initial offer.

-Learn a couple phrases in Balinese; the locals really appreciate the effort of using their language. Try "terima kasih" (thank you), "selamut pagi" (good morning....or just "pagi" for a more casual greeting), "tolong" (please) for starters.
-Don't be alarmed at the amount of honking / business of the roads. Especially if you have a driver, they are very used to that and the drivers are surprisingly courteous. We saw two mopeds almost get into a head-on collision and the two men just laughed.
-Stay away from stray dogs. They're usually docile and harmless, but be sure not to pet or feed them. Most are sadly covered in fleas.
-Respect the culture and be aware of the daily offerings. These are often put in the middle the entrances to business and homes and on the sidewalks, so be aware of where you're walking. 

Most of all - have fun and enjoy the beautiful Balinese culture! We met so many warm, welcoming and genuine people. I will definitely be back to Bali and can't wait to explore new places. Oh, and if you need a driver recommendation, send me an email for Nathan's info - he's the best!