christen peters


christen peters

Running around in the autumn weather is just the best. We bundled up and went to the park over the weekend. The sun was just perfect. Max made friends with some other kids. They kept making a huge pile of leaves at the end of the slide and taking turns sliding through pile. He was having the time of his life, playing with some "bigger kids" aka 7 year olds. 

This age is so fun. 2 1/2 has been full of new Max-isms that have made us laugh so much. A few things I don't want to forget:

  • you love the "fake walking down the stairs" game
  • your t-rex dance
  • our morning ritual of a huge cuddle and our good morning song ("goooood morning, goooood morning, glad to be around my Max")
  • me asking "what did you dream about?" every morning. I usually get an answer that involves some type of vehicle
  • you still sleep with your Nemo stuffed animal every night, ever since you got him over a year ago
  • you'll walk up to any kid and introduce yourself, "I'm Max. I'm two and a half" 
  • you LOVE being chased. i think it's your favorite game at the moment

These days are so magical. Even the ones that start with tantrums and messes and stress. Because in between all of the craziness, there are these sweet and special moments. And the tantrums and messes can be special and kind of funny if you let them. I never want to forget how special these days are. I never want to lose sight of how lucky we are.